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Rita Williams Monday May 16, 2016
Experiencing the fabulous Flower Flat was a definite highlight! Such a warm, friendly environment, fantastic food & coffee, topped off with some delightful conversation with Betsy! Couldn't have been nicer! No doubt we will be back again & again & again!
Emily Lyons Monday May 16, 2016
Had such a lovely time when I was there last! The meal was perfect!
Carmen Taylor Monday May 16, 2016
TTF is the type of place you want to tell all of your friends about, but at the same time keep it to yourself . There's not a single negative thing I could say. I love the art. I love the food. I love the decor. I love that there is one chef. I love the coffee. I love the glassware. I love the service. I love the FLOWERS. I love it all!
Gabriel Maine Monday May 16, 2016
We came in for the 1st time with our friends who frequent here and were blown away by he food and great service!
Alison Osborne Monday May 16, 2016
I'd like to hear about your Friday night menus.
LARRY HEC Monday May 16, 2016
Please send your mini for Friday nights. Thanks